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Why social Media is Important for Beauty Pageant

By every passing year, the world is altering or moderately growing for good. Same goes for the beauty pageant also. In past years, there was no mode of interacting or connecting with beauty queens, for the fans/followers of the pageants. But today the social media has transformed the situation. Social media and beauty pageant go hand in hand. There is option available for the fans to follow the beauty queens on social media websites. As the beauty queens are young ladies, so they enjoy social networking. Hence, fans frequently start following them. The fans comment on their pictures or even they directly message them in personal chat.

Pageant systems are operating social media to bring the awareness to their organizations and use it as a recruiting tool to contestants. This type of marketing has permitted systems to reach a massive number of people. Also, it does not require a hefty price label. Also, the beauty pageant queens are using social media platform for promotion, for building their own brands, and for spreading more awareness to their respective pageant systems.

There are even some pageant systems which need titleholders/winners to have social media accounts, and that account must be a public account.

Below are some points for why it is important for beauty pageants to connect positively with their followers through social media.

There are many contests that are held in the beauty pageant industry for which social media presence is necessary.

· Multi-media Award- In this contest, contestants/participants will have their own social media page for fans to connect with them. And the girl who make use of social media in very effective way, gets the award. With such contests, it is absolutely important for beauty pageants to maintain a good personality online.

· People’s Choice Award- Majority of the pageants have a fan vote for determining a finalist. So, having a good following on internet or social media platform can be a massive benefit. If beauty pageants have been interacting with their fans on social media, they can expect them for supporting them by votes.

· Pageant organizations follow the internet- It is true, that officials at the pageants are aware about popular delegates, and groups about pageant. Definitely, a girl who upholds a good image on the social media will get virtuous feedback on the forums which will be noticed by the pageant officials. So, all you need to have is a good image on the internet and you need to be a really impressive person.

· Promotions- Your fans will promote you, if you will be nice to them. They will start sharing your posts and will also start talking positive about you on forums.

· Values- This is true that after winning the national pageants, the beauty queens can turn out to be a celebrity. The beauty queens need to understand that through help & love of their fans they have achieved such heights. So, basic courteousness and good attitude is expected and cherished from beauty queens towards their fans.

Thus, it can be surely helpful for beauty queens to be available for their fans on social media platform and also to be positive in their interactions with them.

Social Media is truly a brilliant thing for the pageant systems and the titleholders, but it needs to be thoroughly scrutinized. You need to make thorough decisions related to social media practices.


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