• Mikhil Nayyar

The First Screen- Smartphones

Should the web pages be designed for the mobile phone? As, most of the people do all their work on their smartphones.

There were days in past, when mobile phones were used only for calling and texting. Today, almost every person is using smartphone for checking e-mails rather than just using it for calls and texts. Today is the time, where mobile phones are not just used for making calls.

Over 1.2 Billion people are using mobile web.

Now, mobile is considered as the first screen for accessing. Some companies are still following the impression of separating the applications for mobile and desktop. But, for us the period of mobile based applications and desktop websites is ended! Mobile has been a primary source of brand marketing, nowadays.

We all have seen many times that when we try to open a website on our mobile phones it takes a lot of time for loading and when it loads, a website appears in front of us which looks so unattractive. According to the research, 57% of the users are admitting that they won’t endorse any business with a poor appearance of its mobile site. Google took a foot forward in this regard, and stated that 61% of users are not likely to reappear on a mobile website, they were having an issue in accessing and 40% users visits competitor’s website as an alternative/substitute.

Now, it’s time for an all-in-one practice through the websites on mobile phones. The idea of receptive web design, goes along with the impression of mobile first website for generating a platform firstly for the mobile phones and then further extending it for the desktops.

Most of the organisations have combined mobile marketing with their global marketing strategies. The brands are focusing more on creating the websites in a simple template design that goes well with all designs.

After this, google took it forward, when it officially declared mobile first indexing. With the motive to enhance the understanding of the user, Google is going to index the page based on mobiles, if it will be available. Also, Google will display the page as it is, if a mobile based page is not accessible.

This high-points the standing of mobile based website for brand marketing. Every organisation believe that mobile marketing is essential for their business.

Get in touch with us for heading towards smartness!

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