• Mikhil Nayyar


Since many years, everyone is talking about the advantages and the disadvantages of social media, about its skill of forming and discontinuing the ideas/thoughts, and also about its efficacy of overcoming something. Although, we all have communicated the practice of social media causing revolts, everyone is now stressed with the knowledge of social media instigating extermination. The element that social media is being used for philosophy growth to annoy perception/awareness, cannot be deprived of.

One’s man’s revolutionary is another man’s terrorist!

Nobody can get off the latent of a discovery as it can be easily persuaded to turn out to be a wonder or an oath.

The capability of nourishing the right message to the right people at the right time when they are in right state of mind is referred as the core of the marketing. Basically, marketing is all about changing the behavior of the consumers according to your own anticipated action by optimistic approval. This is how the impression of using the data and removal attains its significance. Behavior of the consumer is the core of it all. Companies, people have done various things to excerpt, understand and overcome it.

Social media stances as an invention which has become the easiest medium for all. It sometimes creates miracles for us, and also shocks us other times.

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