• Mikhil Nayyar

People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Stories

Did you pay attention to it? While visiting any supermarket, you select only few brands out of thousands of brands available. Have you ever thought, why does this happen? In past days, a Unique Selling Proposition was adequate for a brand to attract the customers towards them. But now, it’s just not enough for a brand to use a smart message as a long-lasting impression on its customers.

Then how it is to be done?

By communicating your Customer a STORY!

Storytelling is playing a vital role in the markets, and is serving brands in getting a solid identity, helping them influence and adapt predictions, as it is showing up to be the most capable medium.

Attaining the storytelling fundamentals correct is vital. Most of the brands need to identify the circumstance that good stories do not begins with the description of the products or their features, but it flinches with the customers. Brands become a part of their buyer’s life as they emphasis more on stories that are related with their customers on individual level. Selecting an efficient medium can be a tough competition as plenty of mediums are present at removal.

You need to modify your story for making it suitable for the medium, as Social Media is reigning the markets.

You need to make sure that story which you have created is reaching to the customers in correct way and also to the exact customers.


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