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How Social Media Affects Politics

The political scenario has transformed slightly in the last couple of time. Internet has played a vast role in this alteration. Social Media has now become a serious factor in political drives and also in the way people think about problems.

Every candidate and their followers continuously post their views on Social Media. Each party has its own page on social media where they do publicity and appeals for donations. Let’s have a look at some ways that social media influences politics.

News Around the Clock

The speed at which news, rumors, and elections results are shared is one way that social media has altered politics. As in past years, before the internet introduced, people had to wait for the next newspaper or TV news show to get the updated information.

Social Media has moved this a step forward. Many people do not like to access news on websites. Most of them always spend their time on social media platforms. So, social media has taken it further by providing the resources so that you get all the latest news stories shared by your friends every time you log in.

The Impact of Polls

Political polls are an imperative part of every movement. You frequently find several polls with inconsistent results that are posted on the same day, as a result they are bit confusing.

As with other forms of political news, the internet has augmented the amount of election results we see daily. Social media has enhanced this further. It’s not just that only social media sites report the results of the polls, you can also join in Facebook polls.

Outcomes of the polls have a great impact on elections. This statement is factual although they are blemished. A poll can be a self-pleasing insight as they make people think that one candidate is well ahead in the competition, so from that they might conclude that there is no point in voting for other party.

Direct Interaction with Politicians

One of the optimistic effects of social media has on politics is the chance for voters to interact directly with candidates and elected officials. In past years, if you desired to see a politician or candidate, you would have to go to a live event. But this was not possible for everyone. So, with current technology, it has turned out to be easier for people to appear in virtual events where you can also contribute in live streaming events and get interacted with politicians and candidates.

Demographics and Targeting

Targeting is used all over the advertising industry as it checks whether the advertisements and messages are reaching to the right audience or not. Politicians also do this. Also, people running for workplaces are able to target their campaigns.

If anyone wants to report the apprehensions of women, students, retired people, etc. they can easily tailor their messages. Candidates and politicians can also use analytics and targeted advertising like Facebook advertisers. Therefore, when you notice that messages related to politics seems to be talking to you personally, this is done deliberately.

Rumors, Fake News and Conspiracies

Every story whether true or fake, influences political campaigns that gets spread all over the social media. On social media platforms, it is becoming more difficult to isolate the real news from the fake news, as it creates so much of confusion for everyone. The continuous stream of memes, trolls, links, rumors, etc. related to political parties and candidates is combination of reality, falsehoods, sarcasm and rumor.

Some fake or spoof news sites post stories that seems reliable sometimes. And, some of these sites are not even entertaining but they just exist to post something that attracts the visitors to look after their stories.

There are some other sites with political partialities or those touting various unsupported scheme theories. It’s easy to be prejudiced by distortion posted by the other people, even if they didn’t post anything purposely to deceive you. Thus, it is essential to use a great pact of perspicacity before trusting anything.

The Power of Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is one of the concealed forces that runs on Social Media. This is influential when it comes to debated topics, as well as politics. If you’re similar to other people, your widely held followers and friends on digital media will undoubtedly share your outlook. This means that the massive majority of tweets, posts, pins, etc. on these sites tend to express the similar viewpoint, that you hold previously.

For this cause, social media may support our thoughts and make it more tough to amuse alternate viewpoints. In politics, it can benefit in making individuals more prejudiced and less lenient of others. Alternatively, if you make a determination to link with a variety of people with assorted vantage points, you can overcome confirmation bias and use social media to make you more unbiased.

Social Media and the Future of Politics

As social media is moderately new, we’re just initializing to check its influence on society. Assuredly, there will be many political variations that will occur due to social media. Nowadays, there are offers for online voting, which might lead to further involvement of people in elections. Through this, social media can turn out to be even more persuasive, as people can factually vote moments after going through the up-to-date comments or links they found on social media.

Other progressions will likewise modify politics. Polling practices on social media will turn out to be more mutual and more precise. More simulated political rallies and town halls will take place. As social media turn out to be more widespread, its impression on politics will only rise over time. It will be fascinating to witness how this plays out.

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